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よこそ(Yokoso)! Welcome to Bonsai Wholesale Supplies, your gateway to the Bonsai World. Based in Japan and working closely with local suppliers, we connect clients worldwide to meet their wholesale and bulk importing needs for Bonsai Soil & Growing Mediums, Pots, Tools, Trees and more. Whether well established or just starting out, for your wholesale and bulk supply needs please contact us.

Bonsai Soil & Growing Medium

Akadama (Ibaraki & others), Kanuma Bonsai Soil, Fujizuna Lava Stone, Karuishi Pumice, Hyuga, Premixes and more in a variety grains sizes - all Japanese bonsai substrates available

Japanese Bonsai Pots

Yokkaichi, Tokoname, changing pots, garden pots, and various specialty pots for bonsai all made in Japan

Professional Grade Tools

Trimming Scissors, Bonsai Shears, Wire and Cutters, Spades, Root Cleaner Hooks, Tweezers, Grafting Tape, Brushes and more made from the finest tooling professionals in Japan

Bonsai Trees

Beautiful Bonsai Trees, Satsuki and other varieties, raised by our Bonsai master partners, professionally packaged and prepared for export requirements


Please note that we are catering to wholesale, bulk and OEM orders, minimum order quantities will apply.

Clients must be capable to import the goods in accordance with local regulations and requirements.

In some cases we may already have regional partners that can provide local assistance for your requests.

Please contact us anytime and we will be sure to best guide your request.